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Barrel-aged Cocktails

We normally only write about cocktails we’ve actually made on this blog but this post from the Wall Street Journal Weekend Edition caught my eye and I couldn’t resist sharing. It describes using old whiskey barrels (small ones) to infuse a pre-mixed cocktail with the flavors of whiskey. Presumably you avoid bourbon/whiskey-based drinks that have already been barrel-aged…the idea is to infuse a bit of that depth and complexity into something else.

If you make a full barrel you end up with something like 80-100 cocktails (depending on how heavy your pour is) so I’m going to need some opinions on what would be good to make. If you’d like to sample a cocktail or three prepared in this fashion what would it be? Leave a comment below…

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  1. I’d like to try a Tom Collins aged in an oak barrel (carbonation added later). TC’s always feel to me like they can use a bit of something, and that something may be whiskey tailings.